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Below is our appointment cancellation policy. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We understand that your time is valuable and should you need to cancel, please contact us 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time. All cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are subject to $50.00 Cancellation Fee. By scheduling an appointment, you are agreeing to our cancellation policy. Late arrivals may result in shortened appointment visit. 

      Ohana Membership                       Pearl Membership                   Queen Membership

Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. Our Ohana membership is our introductory membership showing that we appreciate your loyalty. The Ohana membership allows access to membership prices and is a good investment if you plan on receiving more than 3 services a year!

Price is $15 per month

The Pearl Membership gets you extra perks in addition to membership prices!  This is a great investment if you plan on visiting monthly or bi-monthly for facial harmonization/balancing.

For $49/month, in addition to membership prices, you will get:
-10% off all injectables
-20% off all retail
-B12 Shot bi-weekly
-Fat Burning Shot (MIC) Monthly

Plus one of the following monthly:
-Chemical Peel

The Queen Membership is the most valuable membership, ensuring you get the most out of your experience.

For $139/month, in addition to membership prices, you will get:
-15% off all injectables
-20% off all retail
-B12 Shot bi-weekly
-Fat Burning Shot (MIC) Monthly

Plus one of the following monthly:
-10 Units of Jeuveau/50 Units of Dysport

$199 Lip Filler /$399 Lip Filler                         Botox/Jeuveau/Dysport                                      Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty      

Enhance your profile with a full lip fill with up to one full Syringe of Versa-, Restylane Refyne or Restylane Kysse, one of the newest dermal fillers to hit the market! With less swelling and longer duration, this is one of our favorites to use. 


Nurse Trish (Gold Level)
Member: $199 per Session
Non-Member: $249

Nurse Taylor (Platinum Level)

Member: $399 per Session

Non-Member: $449

Keep your wrinkles at bay. Remember, keeping your Botox touched up every 3-4 months costs less in the long run than twice a year full treatment!
Member: $10/unit
Non-Member: $11/unit

Member: $7/unit                                    
Non-Member: $8/unit

Member: $3/unit                                
Non-Member: $3.25/unit

Dr. Alexander, Taylor Silvio and Sarah Morgan are masters at straightening, slimming and lifting the bridge and tip of the nose using non-surgical techniques. Many people do not need a surgical reduction or reshaping but instead a semi-permanent reshaping that can be done using thick filler and PDO Threads. The results last one year or more and at the flat fees below, a really excellent alternative to surgery.

NS Rhinoplasty (Radiesse and Restylane Lyft Filler)
Member:  $349             
Non-Member: $399

NS Rhinoplasty Including +5 PDO Threads
Member:  $449 
Non-Member: $499

Under Eye Filler                                                   Cheek Bone Contouring                              Chin Projection

Tear Trough Filler is a procedure which instantly lifts and takes away the tired look under your eyes. As we have more Birthdays, the volume under the eyes is lost-we use various forms of filler to precisely replace that volume, taking away the tired look and giving great volume underneath the eyes.

Member: Prices range from $200-$250 per eye based on individual goals and desires. 

Non-Member: Prices range from $225-$275 per eye based on individual goals and desires.

Cheek bone contouring is how we achieve that sharp, Angelina Jolie look. Radiesse, Restylane Lyft and Juvederm Voluma are all structure and volumizing fillers that we use to build and mold a high and tight cheekbone. This will also give a contour to the cheek area which is very attractive! Results last 12+ months.

Member: $199 per side
Non-Member: $249 per side

Projecting the chin as the effect of slimming the face and defining the jaw line. Retrognathia is the term used to describe a chin that is set farther back than the upper jaw. By using a very thick filler such as Radiesse, we can pull that chin forward, balancing and slimming the face. This is done on a per-session basis with each session using 1/2 syringe of filler. Going slowly is the best way to make sure results look natural! Most people will prefer 2-3 sessions. Results last 12+ months.

Member: $249 per session
Non-Member: $299 per session

Lipodissolve/Kybella                                  PDO Thread Face/Neck Lift                         Hydrafacial

Permanently destroy fat cells under the chin, jowls, belly or love handles. A great alternative to liposuction and cool sculpting. The medicine used is Deoxycholic Acid and has been used for fat reduction for over 30 years with an excellent track record of safety and effectiveness.
*Requires consult prior to treatment to determine eligibility.
Member: $299/Session
Non-Member: $349/Session

Member: $199/Session
Non-Member: $249/Session


PDO Threads are used to give you a facelift and necklift that is more subtle than a surgical facelift, and with a duration of 1.5-2 yrs a great alternative to the permanence of surgery. We use MINT Threads, the Gold Standard in Korea and what Dr. Alexander has found to feel and hold the best. The general recommendation is 2-3 threads per side for a lower facelift and 3-4 threads per side for a necklift. 

MINT Barb-4 (Larger Thread For Lifting)
Member:  $110/Thread 
Non-Member: $125/Thread

MINT Mono (Smaller Smooth Thread)
Member: $10/Thread
Non-Member:  $25/Thread

Hydrafacials use a pressurized stream of water to exfoliate your skin while simultaneously vacuuming out pores and impurities. It is quickly becoming one of the more popular treatments on the market! The basic Hydrafacial at member price is a steal!

Member: *Call for Price (It's good-promise!) 
Non-Member: $149
+Boosting Serum: $25
+Lymphatic Drainage: $25

Microneedling                                                      Chemical Peel TCA or Jessner's              PRP Hair Restoration

Microneedling is a natural way to boost collagen and elastin in the skin. Using very small needles to create micro punctures in the skin, we are able to very powerfully stimulate collagen and many other strengthening factors in the skin. In addition, hyaluronic acid is alway microneedled into the skin, giving a glowing finish!

One Session                   
Member: $150       
Non-Member: $200

Three Sessions
Member: $450               
Non-Member: $600

Chemical Peels use one of five common medications (lactic acid, glycolic acid,  salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid, and phenol) to create a shedding of old skin and stimulate new skin to take it's place.  

Here at Maui MedSpa, we have chosen to focus on TCA and Jessner's Chemical Peels. These provide consistent, excellent shedding and with extensive experience, can be done very safely.

Pearl or Queen Member: Free
Ohana Member: $69
Non-Member: $99

Platelet Rich Plasma injected into the scalp has been shown to stimulate dormant hair follicles into producing hair. The results are dramatic with consistent treatments. Because this MUST be consistent over a period of 3-6 months, treatment packages are only sold in groups of three. This is to ensure success. 

3-Session Package
Member: $599             
Non-Member: $649

Dracula Facial                                                      Dermaplane                                                               

Platelet Rich Plasma injected into the tear troughs, cheeks and around the mouth, in addition to being microneedled into the skin is known to stimulate collagen formation and rejuvenate skin that lasts upwards of one year. Many people call this the Vampire Facial, but we can't because that is trademarked, so we definitely are not calling it that-but if you want to that is fine:) Because this needs to be done at least three times your first year, followed by 1-2 times a year after that.

Member: $199 per Single Session
Non-Member: $249 per Single Session


Member: $575

Non-Member: $675

Dermaplaning uses a fine blade to remove the very top layer of skin and hair in order to expose the new, fresh skin below. Our skin is always renewing itself, by shedding the old cells and making new cells. This is a great way to get an exfoliation and help this process along!

Tip: Combining this with a chemical peel allows the peel to soak deeper and have a greater effect. This can be found in our Peel/Plane combination package!

Pearl Member: Free
Ohana Member: $69
Non-Member: $99

Glabellar (Frown)  Lines

Glabellar (Frown) lines are the "11" lines that are in between your eyebrows, and become deep when you frown. Many people treat these using a neuromodulator such as Botox or Dysport, however sometimes they are deep enough that they do not fully recover. 

In the case of frown lines that need a little extra help, we use a thick filler to pop them out and very small smooth PDO threads to build structure underneath. Everyones glabella is unique and so we price this at a flat fee, and then fill until the work is done!

Glabella Filler/PDO Threads

Member: $249

Non-Member: $299

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Happy to answer any questions!

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